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Alostel Ltd was established in 1996. Our field of activity – cargo lifting and lashing devices, loading/lashing/securing services on all types of transport.

For more than 20 years, we have rendered services to the largest Estonian and foreign customers, developing our reputation of a substantial and reliable partner. Skilled experts of our Company esteem and enjoy executing their work. They will always find an optimal and cost effective way to execute your order.

High responsibility, personal approach to each customer, and up-to- date technical equipment ensure our Company as your reliable partner.



Materials in use: chain/wire lashings, wire ropes, weblashings, steel strapping, turnbuckles, wire rope clips, shackles, lashing eyes, D-rings, stoppers, tarpaulins, wood dunnage and wood for securing with ISPM 15 stamps.

Available in evenings, nights, weekends.

Cargo lashing securing services

lashing / securing of general cargo on board sea-going vessels including welding

lashing / securing of cargo on flat racks, containers

lashing / securing of cargo in railway wagons

Survey/testing of lashing/lifting equipment

chain lashings,  wire lashings,  container lashings,

timber slings,  weblashings

Splicing of steel wire ropes

crane ropes

lifting slings

Supply of wood dunnage and wood for securing with ISPM 15 stamps

Supply of wire ropes, lifting and lashing equipment

Lashing securing cargo

Stevedoring services in collaboration with port terminals



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